Our Practitioners and Mission

Kashi Rai, M.D

Kashi Rai, M.D founded For Better Health in 1999 with the vision of working with her patients
to obtain a complete level of healing. Her practice is devoted to the identification and treatment of cellular imbalances. Dr. Rai uses bioidentical substances to promote healing and establish a dynamic equilibrium within and between cells and organ systems. She strives to implement the most effective treatment protocols based on the latest medical findings.

Dr. Rai earned a degree in electrical engineering in 1978 and worked in that field for several years before following her true passion and returning to school to obtain her MD. She completed her MD from LSU School of Medicine in 1994 and completed her residency in Family Practice with Ochsner in 1997.

“My highest goal is to create an expanded, coherent, healing energy field for myself and my patients.”

Aimee Aitken, R.N.

Aimee Aitken, R.N. Has worked with Kashi Rai, M.D. for 20 years.  Aimee attended Charity School of Nursing and is knowledgeable of integrative medicine and supplements. She is a compassionate and caring patient advocate.

Our Mission

A Private Membership Association, Consulting Medical Clinic, Devoted to Complete Well-being

R3 is dedicated and committed to meeting a person where they are in their health needs through a variety of modalities. Bloodwork and biofeedback screening identify health imbalances, nutritional substances in oral and IV delivery rebuild cells, tissues, and organs, and auxiliary devices supplement health restoration.

Health empowerment begins with self selection of ANY level of treatment access; physician medical consultation, pain and tissue treatment, IV support therapies, device utilization to promote body alignment, metabolic enhancement, and/or organ detoxification, skin rejuvenation, supplement purchases, or partnering with our affiliates for mind renewal and A/O body feedback. Our goal is to provide an effective and efficient health strategy and treatment that enhances the vibrance and coherence of the world within you.

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