IV and IM Services

All IV and IM Services can be purchased in a package of 6.
Buy 5, get 1 free.

IV Vitamin C: 1-4hrs/ranging from $105-200

A powerful antioxidant that enhances lymph flow and hydrates the body. For cancer patients, Vitamin C can increase benefits before and after chemotherapy treatments while minimizing side effects.

IV Mineral: 1.5 hours/$140 or 3 hours/$275

Foundational treatment to hydrate and raise the body’s pH. This treatment is especially useful for patients with chronic debilitation and fatigue. This service is available for new patients and walk-ins.  This IV is frequently combined with IV glutathione (below). A series of this combined IV treatment, one per week, will often jumpstart energy production.

IV Glutathione: 1600mg push/$65 or 3000mg drip/$125

Foundational treatment to detox and support the liver, the body’s most powerful antioxidant.

B12 injections: $15

When done weekly, B12 injections give patients a boost of energy.

Pain & Tissue Regeneration Treatment : $350

Injection treatments for joint, tissue, and muscle pain. Generally, three treatments are necessary for severe or chronic pain, schedules every other week.

Oxidative Therapy with Ultraviolet Light: $500

Oxidative Therapy with Ultraviolet Light (UBI) involves treating the body with extra oxygen and a healing spectrum of light to promote a faster healing and recovery time. This non pharmaceutically process helps with all states of health, especially chronic and difficult to treat disease states.

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