Physician Appointment

New Patient Appointment: approximately 3hrs/$975

This is a 3 hour visit with Dr. Rai and costs $975.  Dr. Rai is not affiliated with ANY insurance plans. Bloodwork can be filed as a Wellness Visit if possible, or against a patient’s deductible if necessary.  It is important for each patient to verify their insurance benefits prior to scheduling an appointment. A new patient packet must be filled out, bloodwork, and tissue sampling for biofeedback is done prior to the visit. During the visit your health concerns and all testing results are discussed.   A treatment plan is developed with you to address these issues. This plan will include vitamins and supplements, IV therapies, use of accessory devices, lifestyle changes, along with any necessary prescriptions. Most vitamins and supplements recommended Dr. Rai are available for purchase in our office for your convenience. We do not require that you purchase supplements with us. (This single, lengthened appointment is a lower cost than the total cost for the combined previous new patient, test result and hair and saliva analysis.)

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Become a new patient

Dr. Rai Follow-Up Appointment: 50 minutes /$250

Follow-Up appointments are usually every four to six months, or yearly, depending on the patient.  Any bloodwork or testing will be done at least three weeks prior to this appointment.

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