Wellness Machines

All wellness machines can be purchased in a package of 6.
Buy 5, get 1 free.

Hyperbaric: 1.25 hours/$50

Soft chamber hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Benefits of this service are most effective if done initially at least three times per week for at least one month, then weekly or bimonthly for maintenance.

Lifewave Machine: 25 minutes/$30

Treatment for enhanced lymph flow, for balancing the autonomic nervous system, and for assisting postural alignment… all at once!

FootBath: 25 minutes/$30

Enhance natural detox processes through electro-stimulation. Six treatments, one per week, is recommended initially for maximum results.

Metabolic Enhancer: 25 minutes/$15

Frequency machine which stimulates energy and aligns cell vibration. This machine can also be used to tighten neck skin when used on a regular basis.

COIL: 1 hour/$12.50

Generates a powerful electromagnetic field to promote healing. Automatically included in all IV therapies.

Biomat: 1 hour/$12.50

Infrared rays from amethyst crystals benefiting muscles near the surface of the body. It also affects deeper blood vessels, lymph glands and nerves.


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